According to a report, Ferrari is reportedly preparing a lucrative offer to entice Lewis Hamilton for an F1 2024 drive.

According to reports, Ferrari is making preparations to attract Lewis Hamilton to their team for the 2024 F1 season with a significant financial offer.

Hamilton is currently in the final year of his contract with Mercedes, where he has achieved six World Championship titles since joining in 2013. However, Mercedes has faced challenges in providing competitive machinery in recent seasons, and despite Hamilton’s verbal commitment, he has yet to sign a new contract.

With seven World titles under his belt, Hamilton is determined to secure an eighth championship, surpassing Michael Schumacher’s record. The possibility of achieving this goal with Ferrari, the team where Schumacher became an icon, is intriguing.

Sources suggest that Ferrari is willing to offer Hamilton a contract worth around £40 million to entice him to leave Mercedes for Maranello. President Elkann is leading the charge in pursuit of the British driver. If Hamilton signs with Ferrari, reports indicate that the team would consider pairing him with Charles Leclerc, potentially leaving Carlos Sainz, who has denied recent rumors of an Audi project, in need of a new team.

Another option on the table is a swap deal that would see Leclerc take Hamilton’s place at Mercedes. However, it is mentioned that Mercedes is prepared to match Ferrari’s financial efforts to retain Hamilton.

Despite Mercedes’ recent challenges, Hamilton’s relationship with the team remains strong, as he has made clear amidst the speculation about his future. However, Hamilton has proven in the past that he is willing to make bold decisions if he feels it necessary, such as his surprising move from McLaren to Mercedes.

The outcome of such a decision depends on whether Ferrari provides a better opportunity for Hamilton to secure his eighth title. Currently, neither Ferrari nor Mercedes pose a significant threat to Red Bull. Ferrari continues to struggle with tire management issues, hindering their performance on race days. It may be an attractive option for Leclerc, who desires more title challenges, to consider a move to Mercedes.

If Hamilton were to join Ferrari, it would mostly represent a change of scenery rather than a better platform for his pursuit of the eighth title. Given his commitment and contentment with Mercedes, it is difficult to envision why Hamilton would make such a move.