Peter Windsor: Frustrated Leclerc Could Make A Daring Move To F1 Rivals.

F1 commentator Peter Windsor suggests that Charles Leclerc may be driven to make a daring move from Ferrari to Alpine, as he believes the talented Monegasque driver is growing increasingly frustrated with his current employers.

Leclerc’s journey with Ferrari this season has been challenging, with the 25-year-old trailing Max Verstappen by a substantial 128 points in the driver standings, placing him in seventh position behind his teammate Carlos Sainz.

The Spanish Grand Prix turned out to be a calamity for Leclerc, as he failed to progress beyond Q1. Despite climbing up to 11th place by the end of the race, narrowly missing out on scoring points, the modest gain of eight positions failed to uplift his spirits.

The Monegasque’s lacklustre situation at Ferrari has led Peter Windsor to speculate that Charles Leclerc may be contemplating a departure from the team, potentially eyeing a switch to Alpine. Windsor suggests that Leclerc’s frustrations with Ferrari could lead him to explore other opportunities in the sport.

On his YouTube channel, Peter Windsor, the former Williams manager explained:”The big figure there is Charles Leclerc. Without any doubt at all, the guy will be unbelievably frustrated and very annoyed.

“And he’ll be wanting either Ferrari to magically get their act together and the car to be really quick, or he’ll be thinking [about a move]. He may even be thinking: ‘Alpine might be better than this lot in terms of my driving and doing what I know I can do. Look at them – top 10 every Q3 now.’

“He might be thinking like that. He might be that desperate. I’m not saying Alpine’s a massively bad thing to do – don’t take that out of context – all I’m saying is he might be that desperate to leave Ferrari.

“Now, it could well be that Ferrari are slowly, slowly gathering some traction and some pace and the next upgrades look like they’re going to be really efficient in the tunnel and Charles will be working around that.

“But I think the problem with Charles is that he’s not got massively good driver management around him, Jock Clear excepted – and I don’t know how much involvement Jock’s got now.

“Let’s say he left Ferrari and went to Alpine, that would be quite interesting, wouldn’t it?

“Let’s say it’s not Red Bull or Mercedes obviously because there’s no slot for him – and he absolutely for sure wants to leave Ferrari just to breathe different air and see what he can do, and there’s nothing to lose if you go with a lesser team and everything to gain – I would guess Alpine would be at the top of his list.”