Oscar Piastri is rumored to make a surprise move to Red Bull.

Eddie Jordan, former F1 team owner, predicts that McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri could become Max Verstappen’s teammate at Red Bull.

Piastri’s impressive qualifying performances in Hungary and Great Britain have caught attention, resulting in two top-five finishes, highlighting McLaren’s wise choice to sign him as their driver over Daniel Ricciardo.

“The thing that caught my interest yesterday was this guy Piastri,” Jordan told TalkSport.

“He’d never been to this track before, maybe once in the junior formulas, and for him to come out and qualify on the second row and race like he did, and race against Max… be careful where he’s going to go because I think there is big star quality in there.

“I’m actually blown away with this young kid, so he’d be one of the drivers I’d be looking at to challenge Max in the future.”

Sergio Perez’s future at Red Bull hangs in the balance as his recent inconsistent performance has left him trailing 110 points behind his teammate Max Verstappen in the F1 Drivers’ standings.

With Daniel Ricciardo’s move back to AlphaTauri, there has been speculation about the possibility of him returning to Red Bull. However, Eddie Jordan, a former F1 team owner, asserts that Oscar Piastri would be a more suitable candidate for the team.

“He’s managed by my old partner Mark Webber and we saw how he got him into McLaren,” explained Jordan.

“Do not be surprised if there’s a seat available at Red Bull, of course where Mark used to be, don’t be surprised if he [Piastri] is named in front of the public eye in the future.

“I don’t see it [a Ricciardo return], they had that chance before and Red Bull doesn’t usually go back in time, they have a very forward vision.

“If there’s a change at Red Bull, Mark Webber has brought this kid [Piastri] on, brought him over from Australia, and what a revelation he’s turned out to be.”

Oscar Piastri, the rising Australian star, has been making waves in his debut season in Formula 1 with McLaren. His impressive qualifying pace and solid race performances have not gone unnoticed by the paddock, leading to speculation about his potential future at Red Bull.