Mercedes’ failure to win is not the “end of the world,” according to Lewis Hamilton.

With only six races left this season, Lewis Hamilton says he does not “think it is the end of the world” if Mercedes does not win a race this year and that the team “will get back to the top.”

Lewis Hamilton is the only driver in F1 history to have won a race in each year he has competed. The seven-time champion, Hamilton, and teammate George Russell are yet to win a race this season with only six races left.

“I do not look at it as a dry spell. I feel this year has been a year of growth,” says Lewis Hamilton.

In the run-up to this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, he added:

“It has been a good experience for all.

“There are six races [left], so there are six opportunities and we will try to get a win, but if we do not do well, I do not think it is the end of the world.”

After the Abu Dhabi controversy, rule changes were introduced for 2022. Lewis admits he has struggled in what he described as “one of the toughest seasons” of his career.

Regardless the W13 issues, Mercedes are only 35 points behind Ferrari in the constructors’ standings.

“We just need to understand the car,” Lewis Hamilton added.

“Our goal is to get a second place. Hopefully, in the next six races, we will do well.”