Mercedes Eyes F1 Star as Hamilton’s Successor

Mercedes is exploring a range of options for Lewis Hamilton’s successor, with Fernando Alonso emerging as a potential candidate. At 42, Alonso is not only the most seasoned driver on the Formula 1 circuit but also among the fastest, consistently securing podium finishes for Aston Martin last season.

According to BBC Sport journalist Andrew Benson on The Chequered Flag Podcast, Mercedes is considering the two-time world champion for their lineup.

With a significant number of drivers’ contracts expiring at the end of 2024, team principal Toto Wolff finds himself with a wealth of choices for Hamilton’s replacement.

Hamilton’s transition to Ferrari has been a major talking point in the motorsport community, initiating a one-year countdown to his debut in the famed red vehicle.

Carlos Sainz, having been edged out of a renewed contract with Ferrari, is rumored to be in the running for Hamilton’s spot at Mercedes. Martin Brundle has mentioned Esteban Ocon as another possible contender, given his history with Mercedes’ driver development program.

Yet, Alonso’s name has unexpectedly surfaced as a serious consideration for Mercedes in the coming year.

Alonso’s stint with McLaren, marred by challenges partly attributed to Mercedes’s involvement, didn’t meet expectations.

However, with time having passed and if Aston Martin fails to produce a competitive car this year, Alonso might see joining Mercedes as an attractive opportunity for a triumphant conclusion to his career, aiming for his 33rd victory.

Discussing potential hires for the Silver Arrows, Benson mentioned:

“I know that [Fernando] Alonso’s on the list. I do, I know that for a fact.

“It’s unbelievable considering what happened between Mercedes and Alonso in 2007 during the Spygate era and there was always this suggestion from Mercedes that we would never touch him with a barge pole.

“But, there’s a new CEO at Mercedes now and they’re a bit in the doo-doo now that [Lewis] Hamilton’s left, so why wouldn’t Alonso be attractive if they need to fill a gap?”

Should Alonso become available to Mercedes for the 2025 season, it seems probable he would be a leading candidate for the team. He might seek a deal that extends into the forthcoming regulatory changes set for 2026, aligning well with the anticipated introduction of Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

Alonso’s performance at Aston Martin has not gone unnoticed, with the iconic Alain Prost commending his contributions.

Although Alonso is dedicated to achieving success with Aston Martin and aims to reach the podium’s highest step ahead of teammate Lance Stroll, the prospect of driving a faster Mercedes vehicle could be too enticing to reject at this juncture in his career.