Grosjean Picks His Top Car of the Year

Ex-F1 driver Romain Grosjean has shared his view that the newly unveiled 2024 Mercedes might be the standout vehicle on the grid this year.

With the car launch season wrapped up, teams are now setting their sights on Bahrain for the upcoming pre-season tests, aiming to narrow the gap with the leading team, Red Bull.

In a discussion on his YouTube channel, Grosjean gave his insights on the vehicles from the top teams of last season’s Constructors Championship in anticipation of the new season.

A notable observation during the recent car reveals was the strategic withholding of details by teams, with Red Bull likely showcasing a decoy floor at their event. Williams chose a different route, revealing only their new livery without showcasing the car itself.

Nevertheless, a trend was clear: an increase in visible carbon fiber across nearly all team models, suggesting a more uniform look across the grid, pending any last-minute livery changes before the season’s first Grand Prix..

Grosjean expressed particular admiration for the Mercedes, applauding its return to a more traditional silver livery, and highlighted it as the most visually appealing car for 2024.

With Lewis Hamilton embarking on his final season with the team, the hope is that the W15‘s speed matches its aesthetics, propelling the seven-time world champion back to prominence.

Grosjean emphasized, “That is my favorite! [The] Mercedes F1 team, I think it’s the most good-looking car and I’m glad to see the Silver Arrow back on the track. It is the car that – apart from the Red Bull – I am the most intrigued to see on the track.

I think there’s some very bold moves, I think there’s some very bold decisions made on the car.”

As the 2024 season approaches, the spotlight is on both Mercedes and Red Bull, with the reigning champions drawing inspiration from their closest competitors, while the rest of the field appears to lean towards designs similar to their 2023 models.

The true test of strategic direction will be revealed once the cars hit the track in the days ahead.