McLaren has apologized to Red Bull after Lando Norris damaged Max Verstappen’s trophy.

McLaren has publicly expressed their apologies to Red Bull on social media for the incident involving Lando Norris accidentally breaking Max Verstappen’s P1 trophy during the podium celebrations at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Verstappen secured a convincing victory, with Norris finishing in an impressive second place, separating the two Red Bulls and helping Red Bull break McLaren’s 1988 record of consecutive wins.

However, the celebration took an unfortunate turn when Norris inadvertently knocked over Verstappen’s trophy while enthusiastically spraying champagne on the podium.

The delicate porcelain trophy suffered damage as a result, with a noticeable chunk missing from it. McLaren promptly acknowledged the mishap and conveyed their regret for Norris’s actions, expressing their apologies to Red Bull for the incident.

Lando Norris directly apologized to Max Verstappen on Instagram after the McLaren driver accidentally broke the trophy. In a light-hearted exchange, Verstappen thanked Norris in a post, and Norris replied with a playful apology and a touch of humor.