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Max Verstappen Opens Up: Reveals True Sentiments towards Lewis Hamilton.

Current reigning world champion, Max Verstappen opens up about his genuine sentiments towards Lewis Hamilton.

With sincerity, Verstappen emphasizes that he holds a profound “respect” for Hamilton and has willingly let go of any past animosity.

The fierce rivals gave Formula One audience one of the most thrilling seasons in the sport’s history. The duo battled each other until the final last of the season where Verstappen finally edged out Hamilton.

Reflecting on his previous title rivalry, Max Verstappen contemplates the emotions of being met with boos from the passionate British fans at Silverstone.

As the Red Bull sensation edges closer to claiming a remarkable third consecutive world title, Verstappen has unwittingly taken on the role of a polarizing figure, akin to a captivating pantomime villain on the Formula 1 stage.

“Luckily I sit in a car, I have a helmet on and go at 200mph, so it makes no difference. I have a lot of British friends and people I know, and not everyone wants to boo me.

“I have a lot of respect for Lewis. We are both racing drivers and you let the animosity go.”

The 2021 season had its intense moments, and one such incident occurred at Silverstone two years ago when Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton collided at Copse corner.

The collision sent Verstappen careening into the barriers, experiencing a horrifying 51G impact. Following his title victory in 2021, Verstappen candidly acknowledged that he and Hamilton had experienced moments of animosity during the season.

However, it seems that both drivers have moved past any lingering feud, as they have been spotted engaging in conversations during post-race debriefs, displaying a newfound camaraderie between the two racing stars.

However, the dynamics of their relationship have potentially transformed as the circumstances have taken a dramatic turn.

With Max Verstappen at the helm, Red Bull has emerged as the dominant force, triumphing in every race of the current season.

This shift in fortunes may have contributed to a shift in dynamics between Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, leading to a potential reconciliation and newfound respect between the two rivals.