Horner Hints at Stumbling Blocks in Hamilton’s Contract Talks.

According to Christian Horner, there appears to be a fundamental disparity between the contract requirements put forth by Lewis Hamilton and what his Mercedes team is willing to provide.

The ongoing negotiations surrounding the renewal of the seven-time world champion’s contract have evolved into the captivating saga of the current Formula 1 season.

Initially perceived as a mere formality, the discussions have unexpectedly extended far beyond the initial projections, leaving fans and observers intrigued and eager for a resolution.

In anticipation of the Canadian Grand Prix held last month, Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, hinted at the possibility of an agreement being reached within a matter of “days.” However, as events unfolded, it became evident that this optimistic timeline did not come to fruition.

When asked to share his perspective on the current situation, Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, speculates that there must be a significant point of contention on which both sides diverge and have thus far been reluctant to compromise.

Speaking to TALKSPORT, Christian Horner said: “It’s strange because we keep being told, and I keep seeing in the media, that it’s just a matter of days.”

“That’s been going on since February! So one can only assume that there is something fundamental that they can’t agree on.

“We don’t tend to conduct negotiations through the media. It is usually a couple of conversations around the table, and the job is done. So I don’t understand why. There has to be something preventing it happening.”

Hamilton and Wolff are however resolute in their affirmation that the fundamental aspects of the contract have been settled, leaving only minor ancillary matters to be ironed out.