Max Verstappen Eyed as Fernando Alonso’s Successor by Honda

Max Verstappen’s potential future with Aston Martin has been a topic of speculation, with Honda laying the groundwork for such a move. As the Formula 1 team set to receive engines from Honda starting in 2026, Aston Martin emerges as a potential destination for Verstappen.

Honda’s association with Red Bull Racing as their power unit supplier since 2019 has yielded remarkable success. Their collaboration has been instrumental in Red Bull’s achievements, notably in 2021, where they challenged Lewis Hamilton for the championship.

Verstappen, benefiting from the partnership, clinched three world titles, with the prospect of securing two more in 2024 and 2025 looming large.

Honda’s decision to withdraw from F1 before the 2021 season did not deter their involvement in the sport, as they were drawn back by the new engine regulations set to take effect in 2026, aligning them with Aston Martin.

Despite Aston Martin seemingly finalizing their driver lineup with Fernando Alonso’s extension and Lance Stroll’s likely retention, Honda remains open to the idea of reuniting with Verstappen in the future. This prospect suggests that Verstappen could potentially succeed Alonso at Aston Martin.

Honda’s representative expressed cautious optimism about the possibility, stating, “I donโ€™t think that day will come within a very short period of time, but if both continue their Formula 1 activities in the future then we hope that we can work together again one day,” as reported by

“It is a very good relationship. We trust each other and also the Honda workers love Max. We are proud to work together with Max, so we will miss him in the future.

“But we still have two years together and we promise to do our best to win another world championship together with Max and Red Bull.

“He is so important. He is the number one Formula 1 driver now. Of course, the team management is important and the machinery is important as well, but the combination is crucial and one important piece of that is Max.”

Following three disappointing years with McLaren, Honda’s return to prominence was marked by a podium finish at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix. This resurgence culminated in Max Verstappen securing Honda’s first victory in over a decade at the Austrian Grand Prix later that same year.

Reflecting on this significant moment, Watanabe shared his nostalgic recollection of the race at the Red Bull Ring. “My biggest memory is him pointing at the Honda logo on the podium in Austria at the Red Bull Ring,” Watanabe fondly remarked.

“I was there, that was a very special moment for me. I was standing under the podium and that day was so special.

“He always thinks about Honda and says โ€˜thank you, Hondaโ€™ a lot. He expresses his thoughts to the outside world about Honda, which is also important for all the people working for Honda.”