Alonso’s Motivation for Extending F1 Contract

Fernando Alonso’s journey in Formula 1 is set to extend beyond the 2024 season as he firmly aligns himself with the ongoing Aston Martin endeavor. Providing insight into his choice to prolong his Formula 1 career, Alonso unveiled his decision.

In an announcement on Thursday evening, the Spanish driver confirmed his pact with the Silverstone-based team. This multi-year agreement secures his presence on the grid until the culmination of the 2026 season, coinciding with the advent of new technical regulations.

Alonso’s deliberation regarding his future in Formula 1 has been a subject of speculation for some time. Despite enticing prospects emerging elsewhere on the grid, he ultimately elected to cast his lot with Aston Martin.

“It didn’t change much from when we spoke in February at the car launch,” Alonso stated.

“I needed a few races or a few weeks to really think about myself, if I was ready to commit for more years in F1 because the calendars are just a little bit more intense now, the cars as well, and the commitment.

“My love for F1 and my love for Aston Martin didn’t change but I just wanted this time to really speak with myself and make the decision and the commitment.

“Obviously F1 takes all your time, all your energy. You have to give up basically everything in life to keep racing and I wanted just to speak with myself if I was ready to do so.”

Alonso disclosed that his determination to stay in Formula 1 crystallized following the Australian Grand Prix last month, sparking immediate discussions with Aston Martin.

“It was not too difficult,” he articulated. “I think we both wanted the same; I wanted to continue racing with Aston Martin, and they wanted to keep me in the seat.

“So when two parties want something, at one point you reach an agreement. I’m excited to keep racing with this team at which I feel at home.

“It was also a sense of loyalty that I wanted to express to my team. One and a half years ago we started together and we achieved so many things, some of them probably unprecedented in F1 – to reach so many highs in such a short period of time.

“I felt this was just the beginning of the journey. It could not be the end of the journey for me and Aston Martin.”

Later this year, Alonso will mark his 43rd birthday, positioning him at 45 by the conclusion of the 2026 season. This milestone will see him achieve a remarkable feat, becoming the first driver to compete in Formula 1 at the age of 45 or beyond since the early 1970s.

When pressed about the possibility of extending his racing career into 2027 and beyond, Alonso responded, “It’s difficult to really comment on it because I can’t predict when I will stop racing or when I will retire from racing.

“For sure it’s not going to happen in 2025 or 2026 because one of the motivations was to enter the new regulations and to work with Honda. Let’s put it like that – at least two more years.

“I will not go into the specifics of how many years but is a lot of years to come with Aston Martin and to make some progress in other areas. When I’m racing, I will do my best to win with this team and to be competitive.

“But I will feel the same if we can achieve some great things and success even when I’m not driving and I can support the team to achieve great things even in a different role.”