Marko wishes ‘incredible’ Perez chapter closes soon

After maintaining discretion during the Singapore GP events, Dr Helmut Marko revisited the topic of the Sergio Perez incident.

The Red Bull strategist, aged 80, acknowledges that in the wake of his remarks about “South American” Perez’s apparent diminished focus, he received a written reprimand from the FIA.

Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff, however, opine that the regulatory body should have acted more decisively.

“I got it by email,” the Austrian commented when probed about the FIA’s warning.

“I suspect that a lot of things were deliberately controlled but I don’t want to say any more on this topic.”

Speaking from an Alpha Tauri gathering in Tokyo, Marko expressed his aspiration for the “incredible excitement” surrounding his comments to finally settle.

He also informed the Osterreich newspaper, “I assume that our package will work there,” in reference to the upcoming Suzuka race.

“We just didn’t manage to get our tyres within the temperature window in practice and qualifying, but our car was working again on Sunday.”