Liberty acknowledges FIA’s nod for Andretti

Formula 1’s owner Liberty Media will now decide if Andretti-Cadillac secures a spot on the racing grid.

The sport’s separate regulatory authority, the FIA, has recently verified rumours that ex-F1 racer Michael Andretti’s team has been green-lit to join F1.

The FIA, clarifying that other hopefuls were unsuccessful, revealed that “the application by Andretti Formula Racing LLC should progress to the next stage”.

“In taking that decision, the FIA is acting in accordance with EU directives on motor sport participation and development,” said FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

The FIA’s next step? They shared that Andretti’s proposal will “be referred to FOM for commercial discussions”.

FOM, to clarify, stands for Formula One Management. This body, responsible for the sport’s commercial rights, is currently steered by Liberty Media.

So far, Liberty and a majority of the existing ten squads have voiced reservations about welcoming an eleventh F1 team. Their concern? It might diminish the prestige of the current teams and not necessarily enhance the sport.

“We note the FIA’s conclusions in relation to the first and second phases of their process and will now conduct our own assessment of the merits of the remaining application,” Liberty-managed Formula 1 announced.

Echoing sentiments, Michael Andretti remarked: “We appreciate the FIA’s rigorous, transparent and complete evaluation process and are incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to compete in such a historic and prestigious championship.

“We feel strongly that Andretti-Cadillac’s deep racing competencies and the technological advancements that come from racing will benefit our customers while heightening enthusiasm for F1, globally.”