Lewis Hamilton’s Reign Over, Max Verstappen Takes the Crown, Says Karun Chandhok.

Karun Chandhok, renowned F1 pundit has boldly declared the end of Lewis Hamilton’s era. With the emergence of the unstoppable force known as Max Verstappen, a new dominant figure has risen to reshape the Formula One landscape.

Fresh off his triumph in Austria, Verstappen’s victory streak continues to soar, reaching an astounding five consecutive wins.

This remarkable feat not only solidifies his status as a force to be reckoned with but also propels him to the forefront of the Drivers’ Championship, boasting an impressive lead of 81 points.

It’s a commanding performance that leaves little doubt about his eventual crowning as a three-time champion.

In an awe-inspiring tribute to Verstappen’s greatness, Karun Chandhok unveils his belief that Hamilton’s days of glory are dwindling.

With every passing race, Verstappen’s prowess eclipses Hamilton’s once unassailable reign, ushering in a thrilling new chapter in Formula One history.

The echoes of Chandhok’s words resonate, leaving us captivated by the changing tides of Formula One’s power dynamics.

“I just think he’s operating at such a high level,” Chandhok told Sky Sports F1. “I just think he’s a driver now who’s in such a zone, and the car is in such a good position for him as well, that he’s just got the confidence that he knows he’s not going to go off track, he knows he’s not going to lose the win, he knows he’s not going to get a penalty. It’s commendable, right?”

Karun Chandhok, emphatically asserts that Lewis Hamilton’s illustrious reign as a leading driver in the world of F1 has come to a definitive close. In a captivating narrative that has unfolded over the past few seasons, Chandhok highlights Max Verstappen as the undeniable poster boy of the sport.

Verstappen’s meteoric rise to fame, starting with his controversial victory in Abu Dhabi two years ago, has cemented his status as a dominant force, leaving Hamilton in his wake. The sands of time have shifted, and it is Verstappen’s star that shines brightest on the grand stage of Formula One.

“You know, it’s the same like when we watch that Lewis era a decade ago, or nearly a decade ago, or when you watch the Michael era two decades ago, we are watching greatness unfold,” added Chandhok.

“And it’s remarkable to see the little details that they achieve.”