Lewis Hamilton Commends Fans’ Support As They Continually Clamour For Him To Be Declared 2021 Winner.

Lewis Hamilton’s supporters have demanded that the Mercedes star be awarded the title from the previous season as a result of Red Bull being found guilty of violating F1 regulations.

Despite the demands of the fans, Lewis Hamilton has claimed that he has not given winning the 2021 title much thought. The Briton was deprived of winning a record-breaking 8th title last season following his defeat to Max Verstappen in the season finale.

After Red Bull was found guilty of breaking F1’s cost cap rules, social media fans furiously urged the FIA to confirm Hamilton as 2021 champion. Hamilton vehemently denied that he had given the issue of winning the title any serious thought.

The Mercedes driver, though, has promised to “look forwards” to trying to win another title despite his team’s struggles this year. Hamilton, however, did not criticise his supporters for making the protest; rather, he praised his supporters for their unwavering support.

Hamilton said in the press conference: “Well, firstly, I love my fans. I love how passionate they are. So, I’ve not been really… I’ve heard the things that have been said.”

“I’m generally looking forwards. I’m looking at how I can win another Championship. I’m not… I have my own opinions of what we did as a team and how we did it last year. And I’m really proud of that and, belief in what we earned. It doesn’t really change a huge amount.”

Red Bull is expected to receive a penalty after being found guilty of violating Formula 1’s structural cost cap allowance for last season. The specifics of this penalty have not yet been disclosed by the FIA. Red Bull’s breach was less than the 5% limit, so it is merely regarded as a minor issue.

It is very doubtful that the FIA will impose any point deductions that may cause Max Verstappen to lose his title. and rival teams are also clamoring for a huge penalty, though, to serve as a warning to other rule offenders.

This might be in the form of a triple punishment, including Red Bull’s elimination from this year’s constructors standings, according to Sky Sports host Ted Kravitz. This would be announced concurrently with the withdrawal of prize money and relegation downwards the pit lane order for 2023.

The FIA has also been urged to act by Hamilton, who warned that if the regulations were seen as being relatively lenient, all teams may exceed the cap the next year.

He added: “I do think that sport needs to do something about this in the future otherwise, if it’s quite relaxed… if they relax with these rules, then all the teams would just go over, spending millions more and then only having a slap on the wrist, is obviously not going be great for the sport. They might as well not have a cost cap in the future.

“So, yeah… that’s all I’ve got to say.”

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