Lewis Hamilton Brings Back Key Ally for Eighth Title Quest

Lewis Hamilton happily welcomes back Marc Hynes, his longtime associate, as an integral part of his inner circle for the upcoming F1 season.

Hynes, previously the Chief Executive of Hamilton’s Project Forty Four, rejoins after a brief break, during which Hamilton collaborated with Penni Thow and Copper on various initiatives. While the partnership with Thow and Copper has concluded, Hamilton and the duo will continue to collaborate on various projects.

This reunion with Hynes emphasizes Hamilton’s commitment to racing success and strengthens their enduring friendship.

Hynes’ return will be ‘solely focused on racing activities’ according to the Telegraph, with a spokesperson telling the British outlet: “The management agreement between Penni Thow and her company Copper with Lewis Hamilton came to its natural end in December 2023, after the expiry of a fixed term.

“Over the course of the partnership, Penni and her team have supported Lewis’s entrepreneurial vision and together they have launched several exciting ventures. While the management agreement has ended, Copper will remain working with Lewis on some of these joint projects to ensure their continued development and success.

“Over the coming months, Lewis will expanding his company Project Forty Four, which was set up in 2014, and will be making exciting appointments and announcements as he continues to grow his entrepreneurial business and investment interests.

“Lewis is looking forward to the beginning of the new Formula One season and he will be working with Marc Hynes, his long-term friend and former colleague who will be providing his expertise to assist Lewis on the track. Marc will be solely focused on racing activities and supporting Lewis’s commitment to bringing the fight back to the top spot.”

Mercedes is poised to unveil its challenger on February 14, setting the stage for Hamilton’s pursuit of triumph and championship glory.