Jody Scheckter: Why He Believes Fernando Alonso’s Hype is Overrated in F1!

Jody Scheckter, the esteemed 1979 Formula 1 world champion, has voiced his opinion on the media’s treatment of two-time world champion Fernando Alonso.

While Scheckter acknowledges Alonso’s undeniable talent, he, at the age of 73, feels that the media might be going a tad overboard with the hype surrounding the Spaniard’s career.

Having shared his perspective on Alonso’s prowess, Scheckter adds an intriguing layer to the conversation.

“Fernando’s obviously very good,” according to Scheckter when discussing Alonso’s career with Stats Perform.

“I didn’t like some of the stuff he did in his early career. I didn’t like it very much at all, actually.

“But he’s good, he’s aggressive. I don’t think he’s as good as some of the press think he is. But he’s doing a good job now, he’s doing a great job.”

Alonso, in his 20th F1 season, ranks third in the drivers’ standings with seven podiums for Aston Martin. Yet, the perennial question of the 42-year-old’s retirement lingers. When asked about this significant decision, Scheckter emphasized its deeply personal nature.

“I used to say if I’m enjoying it, I’m not trying hard enough,” said the former Ferrari driver.

“If you’re enjoying it, then you’re going to carry on longer and longer. You know, maybe I tried and pushed too hard to try and do it.

“So it’s just such a personal thing.”