Guenther Steiner: 24 Races is the Limit for F1 Success

The schedule for the 2024 Formula 1 season comprises an unprecedented 24 rounds. This tally aligns with the cap established by the Concorde Agreement, an accord encompassing the teams, Formula 1, and the FIA, slated to be in effect until 2026.

Guenther Steiner holds the viewpoint that adhering to the 24-race threshold is optimal. Expanding to 25 or beyond within a 52-week timeframe presents substantial logistical challenges, necessitating significant alterations to the functioning of Formula 1 teams, he asserted.

The Haas team principal shared his perspective regarding the number of races slated for a calendar year, stating: “[Having] 24 races, with the business model we have got now, I think it’s the limit.”

“If you have more races, it needs to be a big step financially that you can actually have two teams [crews] running it. Otherwise, I think it’s very difficult to attract people to work in F1.

“It is putting an effort in. I see from my side, obviously I come in on Wednesdays [but] some of the crew which are the set-up crew, they are away sometimes months in a row.

“That’s a long time and for them it’s more difficult than for me. Obviously for us personally as well it’s not easy to be away 24 weekends for racing.”

The Italian remains unconvinced about the necessity for Formula 1 to extend its calendar even more.

He expressed concerns that an excessive number of races might potentially deter viewership while highlighting that the recent additions to the schedule have introduced essential diversity and innovation.

“There is also a saturation factor,” he said. “How we have the races in the moment, there’s 24 races, if we would have 24 races all the same, I think we would have already too many. But because they are so different now in itself, people always look forward to something.

“You have got six sprint weekends so people have ‘let’s go, the sprint weekend’, then you have got the night race. Now we have got next year [three] Saturday races. So it is a little bit of a mix. You always have something special to look for.

“But can you imagine 24 races, like in the old days when they were all cookie-cutter? You start at three o’clock, you finish at five, you would say after 20 I’ve got enough.

“But now there’s always some newness, a different thing in it. So I think that makes it interesting. But 24, I think we reached the limit with the business model we have got in the moment.”