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Max Verstappen’s Mastery Turns Red Bull into a ‘Second Skin’ for Unprecedented Wins

Jacques Villeneuve is convinced that Max Verstappen has seamlessly fused with his Red Bull RB19, describing it as a “second skin,” a sentiment that comes after Verstappen matched the record for consecutive wins.

During the electrifying Dutch Grand Prix, Verstappen notched up his ninth successive victory, a feat previously achieved by Sebastian Vettel in the 2013 season. Now, with the upcoming Italian Grand Prix, Verstappen stands on the cusp of establishing a new benchmark in racing history.

Since the implementation of ground-effect technical regulations in 2022, the Dutch racing prodigy has emerged as a dominant force, triumphing in 26 out of 35 races. The momentum is propelling him toward clinching his third world title in the imminent races.

Villeneuve, the esteemed 1997 World Champion, can’t help but acknowledge Verstappen’s unparalleled command over the sport.

According to him, Verstappen’s synergy with Red Bull has transcended mere mechanics; it’s a harmonious fusion that has effectively turned the car into an extension of Verstappen himself. This symbiotic relationship is reshaping the very fabric of Formula 1 racing.

“Who cares if it’s good for the sport? He’s amazing. That’s it. You should not stop that,” Villeneuve told RacingNews365.

“He’s managed to do it better than anybody else. He’s managed to work with his engineer and his team to turn the car into a second skin.

“When you have that, you just sit in the car and you don’t even think.

“The car does whatever you want it to.

“That’s why every year Sergio Perez for two or three races, [the thought is that] he can beat Max.

“But then Max works and gets the car to do what he wants. Then he destroys Perez and that makes a difference.

“I had that end of 1996 and 1997.

“I would jump in the car and think: ‘I know the car can do this,’ and it does it.

“Or if it’s wrong [and needs] a small little change, you talk with the engineers and it works. You talk with the deer and it works.

“You don’t have to think about it. And when you’re like this, you’ll drive two or three-tenths faster, just because you don’t have to second guess what’s happening.”