From Racing Sensation to Team Owner: Verstappen’s Post-F1 Aspirations.

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen embraces the prospect of team ownership when his illustrious Formula 1 journey concludes.

The Dutch racing sensation has been candid about his belief that F1 is not the sole focus of his life, even hinting at the possibility of bidding farewell to the sport after his existing contract in 2028.

As Verstappen contemplates his post-racing future, he envisions potential ventures in the sim racing realm and explores the enticing realm of team ownership.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the Dutchman divulged his future aspirations and prospects, he said: “I love my sim racing. Some people think it’s just a game, but it’s not.”

“I have a lot of passion in that and I have a lot of plans for the future to build something around that to maybe bring some races to the real world, but properly, not the half-half world, I would say, and see how far they can reach.

“I maybe want to have my own race team, I already of course started at a bit with Racing; it’s integrated already in real racing plus the sim racing part.

“So there are so many opportunities in that as well, which I want to try and achieve, which I’m working on already.”

With a commanding lead in the world championship, the Dutchman is comfortably positioned to secure his third consecutive title. Joining the ranks of elite drivers who have achieved this remarkable feat, success this year would cement Verstappen’s place in history.

However, Verstappen remains unfazed by his ultimate legacy in the sport, emphasizing that it holds little importance to him. While fully dedicated to his current pursuit, his focus transcends individual accolades.

“I’m here at the moment trying to achieve everything I can. I try to, of course, give everything I have to that but I also know there’s much more to life than only Formula 1.

“Once I’m done in Formula 1, I want to just enjoy my life and do other things. Then, what happened in Formula 1 is done.

“It is what it is, I mean, it’s written down, but it’s not something probably I will look back to when I’m 60 or 70 – it’s probably not something you care about too much because that’s something that has happened earlier on in your life, which you’ve worked for a long time, but yeah, that’s done.”