Lewis Hamilton’s Influence in Securing Toto Wolff’s Role in F1 Movie.

Toto Wolff has unveiled the influence Lewis Hamilton had in securing him a role in the upcoming F1 movie, which conducted on-track production during the British Grand Prix.

With Brad Pitt and Damson Idris taking center stage as the lead drivers, the movie has become a captivating subject of discussion among F1 enthusiasts.

The filming at Silverstone last weekend has further fueled excitement and anticipation.

Taking the wheel for the fictional ’11th team’ known as APXGP, Brad Pitt and Damson Idris commanded their respective pit boxes during breaks in the free practice sessions.

Notably, Lewis Hamilton has played a significant role in the movie’s production, serving as an advisor and co-producer.

Leveraging his extensive experience as a seven-time world champion, Hamilton has brought his expertise to the project.

During his interview with Sky Germany, Toto Wolff discussed his involvement and shared insights about his role.

“Yes, I’m also a co-producer. It was a very interesting story,” said the Austrian.

“You may ask, what’s the advantage of being a co-producer? Well, eventually you get your name on the third or fourth page of the end credits. Yay.

“But seriously, I believe Netflix works very well for Formula 1, and now we’re taking it to the next level.

“Whenever the movie is released, it will be a real blockbuster because the cast couldn’t be better, the A-list.

The Mercedes team principal then shed light on Hamilton’s significant role in helping him to secure his post as a co-producer, providing further insights.

“Penny, Lewis’s manager, made me one (a co-producer), and of course, we helped the team with the car.

“I’ll try to stay in the seat [during the credits] for a long time to find my name there.”