From Hope to Reality: Perez Admits Verstappen is Unbeatable in the F1 Championship

Sergio Perez, once hopeful, now concedes that he cannot overcome Max Verstappen in the race for the 2023 Formula 1 championship.

With both drivers securing two victories each in the first four rounds, Perez trailed Verstappen by a mere six points. However, his fortunes took a downturn after the Miami Grand Prix.

Despite clinching a third-place podium finish in Austria, Perez struggled to qualify for Q3 in five consecutive races. In stark contrast, Verstappen claimed six consecutive pole positions and wins, catapulting him to a massive 99-point lead.

While Perez had previously expressed confidence in his ability to defeat Verstappen, the Mexican driver now acknowledges the impossibility of his task.

“In Formula 1, only your position in Abu Dhabi matters,” Perez told Spanish media during a Red Bull show run in Madrid.

“I am not second In the World Championship by a miracle, I have won races and have had some bad races, but we have everything ahead of us.

“My objective now is definitely to be runner-up in the World Championship – and I am only thinking about the Hungarian Grand Prix.”

Perez also emphasized Formula One’s incredible rebirth in Spain, with Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz shining for Aston Martin and Ferrari, respectively. This outstanding result follows a period of lukewarm excitement in the Grand Prix racing scene.

“Fernando is a big surprise this year, they have made a big step, but also McLaren in the last race,” said Perez.

“Everything is much closer with these rules, Carlos is a great driver, Fernando too. There is no reason to compare them, Spain should take advantage and enjoy the great moment it has because it may not be repeated again in the history of Spanish motorsport.”