Former Spanish F1 driver believes neither Alonso nor Hamilton can beat Verstappen in equal cars.

F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari firmly believes that not even renowned drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso stand a chance against Max Verstappen if they were in the same car.

Verstappen, driving for Red Bull, showcased his dominance at the 2023 Hungarian GP by clinching his 44th F1 victory, securing an impressive margin of over 33 seconds.

Despite starting behind Hamilton, Verstappen effortlessly overtook him and cruised to another remarkable win this season.

Alguersuari expressed his thoughts during an interview with Sky Sports, emphasizing that the current form of the Dutch driver is unparalleled, making him untouchable even for multiple world champions like Hamilton and Alonso. He said:

“Nobody beats him… He’s in a state of flow, to make it easy. He’s not even pushing. Of course, the car is very fast but I can say… I’m very, very sure that if you put Lewis in that car or Fernando or whatever driver you want, I don’t think they would beat him.”

Former F1 driver Jaime Alguersuari shared his past encounter with Max Verstappen, recalling their Karting competition in Bahrain. Without delving into specific details, Alguersuari expressed his thoughts on the experience:

“It was in the Karting World Cup in Bahrain, in the KZ category. He won, I was ninth. Obviously, it was my return to karting, I only did it to train and stuff. So, obviously, I wasn’t really a professional in that term, but it was very good because being in the top 10 was a great achievement for me at that time. And Max won the race. And I remember that’s how I met Max for the first time. And he had to win, he had no margin to be second.”

Drawing from his past encounter during Karting in Bahrain, Alguersuari emphasized how Verstappen’s competitive spirit and determination left a lasting impact on him.

The Spaniard commended Verstappen’s focus, discipline, and drive to constantly improve, attributing these qualities to the young driver’s success in Formula 1.

Alguersuari further praised Verstappen’s relentless pursuit of excellence, stating that such attributes make him a formidable force on the track, and undoubtedly one of the sport’s most exceptional talents. He continued:

“For Max, there were no happy faces coming home. So I think that had a big influence on Max’s performance. So, if you want to look at what Max is doing now, you have to go back many, many, many years.”

“You have to look at what happened in karting when he started, that he had strict programs and such dedication. It was a never-ending training program… He had the talent there in his head, mentally, but he was also testing all the time, racing, racing non-stop.