“Fernando Alonso is an expert at worsening someone’s pain or frustration,” says Damon Hill.

Damon Hill, in an interview with Sky Sports, stated that Fernando Alonso is a highly skilled and competitive participant in Formula 1. He possesses the ability to combine his driving abilities with his knowledge of how to aggravate his opponents, if needed, by using the right words that will intensify their emotional pain.

Hill in his interview with Sky Sports: “Well, the view with Fernando was that he kind of used to foul his nest a little bit when he went from one team to another, and he’s got a trail of kind of rather destroyed people behind him.”

“And so his reputation didn’t help him, and he’s zagged when he should have zigged, but he certainly zagged the right way this time with Aston Martin, and so the joy was very self-evident.

“But the guy is a master. I mean, he is a master of understanding a race, he’s a master of competing, he seems to stay out of trouble, he has picked people off in the race; and also, he’s brilliant with his comments.

“You know, he knows exactly what to say to rub salt into the wounds if he has to. I think every racing driver looks at him and goes, “Now, there’s a very formidable competitor.’”

Fernando Alonso made headlines by securing a third-place podium finish in his debut race for Aston Martin during the Bahrain GP.

Although Aston Martin performed better than many of their competitors at the Bahrain Grand Prix, team manager Mike Krack cautioned that it may require some time for the team to comprehend the magnitude of the progress they have made.