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Fernando Alonso Cites ‘Lack of Professionalism’ as Reason for Leaving Alpine for Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso’s departure from Alpine to Aston Martin for the 2023 Formula One season was attributed to what he described as Alpine’s “lack of professionalism.”

This surprising move, announced during F1’s summer break in 2022, has proven to be successful for Alonso, as he has achieved podium finishes in half of the season’s races with Aston Martin.

In contrast, Alpine has faced a disappointing season, currently ranking sixth in the Constructors’ standings. Alonso’s decision to leave Alpine stemmed from their hesitation in offering him a contract extension, despite having a prior agreement in principle.

Speaking to Spanish radio programme El Larguero, Alonso described the chain of events that led to him switching teams – explaining that Alpine’s hesitation in offering him a contract extension.

He said: “The first [act] was that Vettel retired.

“The second was that Alpine had been negotiating for several months and nothing was ever finalised. We agreed on everything, but the paper didn’t arrive, and I noticed a lack of professionalism.

“At Aston, we had everything clear on Saturday after Vettel’s announcement on Thursday, the role on the table. This willingness to have me seduced me.

“It was an adventure, there was a risk, but it worked out well and the hunch worked this time. There were a few hours with both offers on the table, but I saw more ambition in Aston Martin.”

Initially, it was speculated that Alpine’s hesitance to provide Fernando Alonso with the extended contract he desired was due to concerns about his age. The team appeared eager to promote their reserve driver and emerging talent, Oscar Piastri, to a race seat in the coming seasons.

Alpine proceeded to offer Alonso’s vacant seat to Piastri, unaware that the Australian had already committed to replacing Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren for the 2023 season.