Felipe Massa Backs Max Verstappen for Total Dominance Until 2026.

Felipe Massa believes Max Verstappen will win every title until new engine regulations are implemented.

Anticipation is building within the Formula 1 community as the sport gears up for a major transformation in 2026.

The introduction of a new power unit framework will not only redefine the performance dynamics on the track but also align with the sport’s commitment to sustainability, aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Amidst this impending evolution, recent developments have shaken the F1 landscape. A total of six manufacturers, including the return of Honda and the debut of Audi, have thrown their hats into the ring as suppliers.

This influx of fresh contenders adds a layer of intrigue to the future competition in the sport.

However, as the countdown to the new regulations continues, F1’s existing rulebook appears to provide a clear runway for Red Bull Racing.

“I think until 2026, when we will have the regulation change, Verstappen wins everything,” the former Sauber, Ferrari and Williams driver told Marca

“We will have equal regulations and Verstappen is superior, Red Bull is superior. So until 2026, we can expect Verstappen to win all the titles.”

Throughout the history of Formula 1, significant alterations to regulations have consistently led to a reshuffling of the competitive landscape.

Notable instances include the emergence of Brawn GP and Red Bull as frontrunners in 2009, Mercedes’ era of dominance following the introduction of turbo-hybrid engines in 2014, and the recent season where Ferrari and Red Bull gained an edge over the Silver Arrows through the implementation of new ground-effect regulations.

Considering this pattern, it’s evident that regulation changes have the potential to disrupt established hierarchies and create new opportunities for teams to excel.

However, amidst these fluctuations, former F1 contender Felipe Massa offers a word of caution regarding Red Bull’s sustained success beyond the upcoming regulation transition.

Massa underscores that while Red Bull and Max Verstappen currently enjoy a remarkable advantage on the track, the impending regulatory overhaul brings an element of uncertainty to their future dominance.

“Logically, we have a big change, with everything new and then we have to understand if Red Bull will be the same as today.

“But right now I don’t see anyone at the same level as Verstappen.”