Damon Hill: Red Bull could be overtaken by Mercedes and Ferrari.

Red Bull currently leads the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships by 116 points and 139 points, respectively. The team’s Constructors’ win will be their first since 2013.

With just six races left in the season and dominating leads in both championships, it would be shocking for them to be knocked them off top.

Damon Hill, on the other hand, provided some insight into how things might play out at the end of the season.

He remarked: “If they don’t do any more development now on this car, I think Ferrari and Mercedes will be all over them by the time you get to Abu Dhabi.

“If you stand still for a second in Formula 1, in this sport you are going to be swamped. You are literally going to sink into quicksand,” He stated this in the most recent episode of the F1 Nation podcast.

“So the pace for anyone, even if they are winning, the pressure is relentless.”

If Ferrari and Mercedes are able to bring any more upgrades to the table in the final six races, the current cost cap may come into play.

There might not be a significant need for the teams to upgrade further now that the championships are all but over, with the idea of better development for 2023 being a more obvious choice.

Tom Clarkson, the host of F1 Nation, expressed a different viewpoint, claiming that Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes have all stopped developing in order to concentrate on the upcoming season.

“I think the cost cap will limit other teams’ ability to respond, there is only so much Ferrari and Mercedes can do now. In terms of development, it is all about 2023.

“I think it probably won’t close, they are all going to wait and hope to make the big step up over the winter because they’ve all spent their development budget.

“When you consider what Ferrari have already brought to the table, what Mercedes have already brought to the table, I think the focus now is to get the most out of the package at every race.”