Charles Leclerc cautioned that he could have a career similar to Fernando Alonso’s but without the titles.

Charles Leclerc cautioned that his career trajectory might resemble Fernando Alonso’s, albeit without the accompanying championship titles.

Alonso has gained a reputation as a driver who has frequently made ill-advised moves throughout his career, and it seems that Leclerc is now facing a similar uncertain future.

The Ferrari driver may soon find himself at a critical juncture, where he will be compelled to decide between remaining with the Maranello team or taking a gamble by joining another outfit.

Considering Leclerc’s impressive speed and reputation, there will undoubtedly be a lengthy list of potential suitors. Nonetheless, the choice ahead is of utmost importance for the Monegasque driver, who is undoubtedly growing frustrated with the lack of sustained championship contention.

Consequently, Leclerc has been cautioned to make his decision wisely to avoid a career reminiscent of Alonso’s, albeit without the accolades of championship titles.

“He’s in great danger of having a Fernando Alonso career without the two world championships before it,” the BBC’s F1 reporter Andrew Benson said on the Chequered Flag podcast.

“[Alonso] went to Ferrari, he was so invested in winning that third championship at Ferrari and that’s why it ended up going sour for him there because they weren’t able to deliver it for him.

“He lost faith in the team and he ended up feeling he had to leave. He’s said himself that the pressure at Ferrari is greater than other teams. The situation was getting difficult and he had to get himself out of that.

“He made a mistake of getting himself out of it, you could argue, because if he just stuck with it, he probably would have won another championship in either ’17 or ’18.

“Leclerc is in a similar situation. He’s doing great things in a car that’s not up to his ability. There’s no prospects, he can see, of them getting onto a level playing field with Red Bull. I think that’s probably the root of the disappointment that you’re seeing in him at the moment.”

Although a future transfer to Red Bull remains a possibility, Leclerc’s probable landing spot appears to be a transition to Mercedes, who might be actively searching for a replacement driver in the event of Lewis Hamilton’s retirement or departure.

However, this scenario could present another predicament for Leclerc, as Hamilton and Mercedes could potentially reach a fresh agreement.

“They’re paying him a lot of money to love Ferrari, but he just genuinely loves Ferrari,” Benson said.

“This is a guy, okay he was born in Monaco but he wasn’t born in Monaco as a rich kid from a rich family. He comes from a perfectly normal family who just happened to live in Monaco. His career has been made by Ferrari picking him up from a very young boy. He wants to deliver that championship with them.

“At the moment, I think he’s thinking ‘how is it ever going to happen?’

“He might not even have a choice [to move to Mercedes]. Hamilton’s contract runs out this year, Leclerc’s contract doesn’t run out till next year.

“Hamilton and [Toto] Wolff both say he’s going to do a new deal. How long is that new deal going to be? If that’s two years which I think it very well could be then he has to stay at Ferrari.”