‘Both’ Haas drivers likely to receive new F1 contracts

Haas seems to be moving towards securing new contracts for “both” of its current drivers.

With Haas owner Gene Haas making a rare appearance in the Formula 1 paddock this weekend, it appears that both he and team boss Gunther Steiner are ready to finalize a new deal with Nico Hulkenberg.

Regarding Kevin Magnussen’s race seat for 2024, there is still uncertainty, but Steiner told the Spanish broadcaster DAZN at the Hungaroring: “They are both good boys.

“I have a very good relationship with both, both personally and professionally,” he added. “It’s a lot of fun working with them.

“Normally, I am more frustrated than they are. They are the ones who have to encourage me and have to take care of me,” Steiner smiled.

Indeed, while German Hulkenberg has often demonstrated strong performances in qualifying this season, the races have been more challenging.

“It’s difficult this year to know how well we will do,” Steiner said. “Sometimes the car goes well, and we don’t know why, and sometimes it doesn’t go well, and we don’t know why.

“Our main problem is the rear tyres – we overheat them. We are working to have it resolved after the summer break.”

With Hulkenberg and Magnussen likely to stay in 2024, Steiner openly admits that he considers Fernando Alonso to be the best driver in the field.

“I have always said that as a driver, Fernando is a master,” he said. “I think he could race without engineers and strategists. He is the best of them all.

“If Fernando were five or seven years younger, he would be the most complete,” Steiner added. “The only thing that works against him is his age.

“Below him are Hamilton and Verstappen, who are also very good. Max is in a great moment both in his career and in his life. He’s riding the wave.”