Alonso Targets 400th Race and Future Wins with Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso is determined to remain active in Formula 1, aiming to avoid merely spectating as the sport progresses. By the middle of the 2024 season, he will celebrate his 43rd birthday and is expected to participate in his 400th Grand Prix in Qatar, with Aston Martin expressing interest in retaining him past 2024.

Following a remarkable year with eight podiums and a fourth-place finish in the Drivers’ championship in 2023, his best performance since 2013, Alonso continues to demonstrate his competitiveness and ambition in the sport.

In recent years, Formula 1 has seen significant growth, setting a new record with 24 Grands Prix scheduled for the next season, and plans to move the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid by 2026. Fernando Alonso, who left the sport in 2018 due to disillusionment, made a return in 2021 with Alpine and is now keen to continue his involvement in the sport’s thriving scene.

Alonso speaking to DAZN said: “I thought my return to F1 was good at the driving level, because I felt wasted being at home. I wanted to be in F1. 2023 has been a kind of vindication and in 2024 and 2025 I do see myself with strength, desire, energy and optimism. Then the results always depend a little on you and your rivals.”

“You can never promise results, but I do feel a good energy, to continue improving with the team. It is good for motorsport, because F1 is increasing in popularity every year,” he continued.

“We have more and more young people following the sport, the circuits are full, a record calendar and new countries want to join F1.

“It seems that everything is like a kind of crest of the wave and I don’t want to watch it from the couch.

“I don’t know if in 2024 I will keep my smile from 2023. You always need results. But what I am clear about is that the team is motivated, and hungry for victories.

“It is young, there is enthusiasm and a different attitude for racing.”