Albon Contemplating Red Bull Return for 2025

F1 analyst Peter Windsor has revealed a potential game-changing development in the 2025 driver market.

Windsor, formerly associated with Williams, shared insider information that suggests Alex Albon is considering an offer to return to Red Bull for the 2025 season.

This decision would have significant ramifications for the upcoming F1 season.

Windsor disclosed that Albon has been presented with a three-year contract to commence in 2025 with Red Bull, which could see him partnering with Max Verstappen.

According to Windsor, the likelihood of Albon accepting this offer is very high, estimating it to be around 90%.

Albon’s possible return to Red Bull would mark a remarkable full-circle journey in his F1 career. He faced uncertainty when he was removed from the Red Bull team, but he has since showcased impressive performance.

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez’s position at Red Bull is currently in jeopardy as he enters the final year of his contract.

Albon’s remarkable achievements, particularly his role in lifting Williams to seventh place in the 2023 F1 constructors’ championship, have earned him admiration from all the top teams in F1.

However, a potential move to Ferrari, a team long associated with Albon, seems blocked due to Lewis Hamilton’s significant transfer to the Italian team. This situation may also affect Mercedes, as they could miss out on securing Albon’s signature to Red Bull. has reported that Red Bull engineers hold a high opinion of Albon, further solidifying the possibility of his return to the team. Additionally, it has been revealed that Albon has been engaged in preliminary discussions with “at least half of the grid.”

In summary, the prospect of Alex Albon joining Red Bull for the 2025 season has emerged as a significant development in the F1 driver market.

This potential move could have ripple effects on other top teams, making it a key storyline to watch in the coming seasons.