Windsor Critiques Norris’s Decision: “Why Sign Now?” Amid F1 Driver Moves

Peter Windsor has expressed scepticism over Lando Norris‘s quick decision to renew his contract with McLaren, suggesting that Norris might have acted prematurely.

Just days before the announcement of Lewis Hamilton’s unexpected move to Ferrari, McLaren revealed Norris’s extension for several years, ensuring their lineup with Norris and Oscar Piastri until at least the end of 2026 and securing their top talent at their Woking base.

The swift re-signing by McLaren CEO Zak Brown could have been influenced by insider knowledge of Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, aiming to safeguard Norris from potential interest from top teams like Mercedes or Red Bull.

On his YouTube channel, Windsor, with a rich history as a manager at Williams and Ferrari, critiqued Norris’s haste in recommitting to McLaren.

“Nobody’s talking about this, but why did he rush into signing such a long-term contract with McLaren now?,” Windsor questioned. “He didn’t need to do that.

Windsor pointed out that Norris, a rising star in Formula 1, might have benefited from waiting and exploring his options, given the interest from other leading teams.

“He’s got a nice deal with McLaren, but he’s still got Oscar Piastri – who isn’t slow – in the other car and he’s now got no chance of getting the Mercedes drive or the Red Bull drive,” Windsor remarked, highlighting the competitive dynamics within McLaren and the missed opportunities with other teams.

Furthermore, Windsor believes that Red Bull is likely to bring back Alex Albon, leaving Norris potentially regretting his decision not to explore other opportunities.

Windsor commended Zak Brown for securing Norris so early but hinted at a possible misstep in Norris’s career strategy, driven perhaps by management advice.

“Why did he do that? Why did he rush into it like that? He doesn’t know how it’s going to work out this year,” Windsor reflected, questioning the long-term implications of Norris’s decision to commit to McLaren prematurely.