Verstappen’s Contract Clauses Unveiled by Marko

Max Verstappen has undeniably played a pivotal role in Red Bull’s recent triumphs in Formula 1, yet the certainty of his continued allegiance to the team remains uncertain.

Helmut Marko, in a candid acknowledgment, has disclosed the presence of ‘certain clauses’ within Verstappen‘s Red Bull contract, which potentially provide an exit route for the Dutch driver in the event of the team’s failure to furnish him with a car capable of clinching victories.

The Milton Keynes-based outfit has enjoyed consecutive seasons as constructor champions, culminating in a remarkable display during the 2023 campaign, where they clinched victory in 21 out of 22 Grand Prix races.

Verstappen, seizing the lion’s share with 19 triumphs, clinched his third consecutive Drivers’ Championship in a manner that shattered previous records.

Both Verstappen and his legion of supporters have grown accustomed to such extraordinary levels of achievement.

Following an almost flawless pre-season assessment at the Sakhir International Circuit, Red Bull and Verstappen find themselves well-positioned to further augment their collection of trophies as they anticipate the commencement of the 2024 season this weekend.

Nevertheless, the sustainability of this success is far from guaranteed. Should Red Bull falter in their endeavor to maintain the production of race-winning machinery, Verstappen could explore alternative avenues within the realm of motorsport.

Endurance racing and GT cars, boasting considerable allure for the 26-year-old, could potentially beckon him should circumstances dictate a departure from Formula 1.

“In every Formula One contract there are certain clauses,” Marko said. “That also applies to Max’s contract. I just don’t think an astronomical amount of money is a theme for him. We have to provide him with a winning car.

“Of course, he is interested in success as a driver. Max is not getting any younger. If Max no longer sees a light on the horizon with Red Bull and performance criteria start to play a role, it is clear that he will also start looking around him.”

Verstappen’s contract with Red Bull extends until the culmination of the 2028 season. Should the reigning champions sustain their present edge over their competitors, there exists a tangible possibility that the Dutch prodigy could secure an eighth championship title by the contract’s conclusion.

However, in the event that Red Bull’s dominance begins to fade, Verstappen may opt to explore alternative avenues within the realm of motorsport.

Expressing his inclination towards endurance racing during the previous season, he articulated his aspiration, stating: “What I do want to race is the 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

“I have already been there when my father raced in Le Mans. The atmosphere is incredible in Resistencia. There are so many people, driving at night, at dawn – I think it’s really cool. I’ve been talking to Fernando [Alonso] about it. He said he’d just want to do it with me again, so I told him it would be great.”