Verstappen Accords Alonso with Distinct Recognition

Max Verstappen has identified F1’s seasoned professional as the racer he respects the most on the grid.

The freshly crowned triple world champion, who is a full 16 years Alonso’s junior, noted it’s the veteran 42-year-old Spaniard he finds most akin to among his current competitors.

“It’s strange, because we belong to very different generations,” Verstappen, 26, told La Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly publication Sportweek.

“He even raced against my father,” he added, making reference to Jos Verstappen who was at the helm for Minardi whilst Alonso was associated with Renault in 2003.

Expanding on his thoughts about Alonso, Verstappen stated: “But we have a very similar approach. We love racing deeply. Proof of this is that Fernando is still so competitive at 42.

“I admire him,” he concedes.

“And then, as a person, he is super nice to me. He doesn’t boast about his titles, he doesn’t put himself above others, he remains himself all the time.

“We can talk about everything in a natural and relaxed way, without complications. He’s a good role model,” voiced the dominant Red Bull ace.