The Father Of Sergio Perez Makes Startling Comments About Max Verstappen.

As reported by Formula1News, Sergio Perez will be left wondering about the “what ifs” of the just-ended season as he lost out to Charles Leclerc in Abu Dhabi last weekend for the second position in the drivers’ championship after Max Verstappen declined to assist the Mexican at the Brazilian GP.

Given that the two drivers entered the season’s last race tied for the second position in the standings, the Monegasque driver’s P2 result, which was superior to Perez’s P3, allowed him to beat Perez for second place.

But things may have turned out differently had his teammate done him a favor at Interlagos the week prior, Perez would have had the opportunity to travel to the Yas Marina track with more points than Leclerc had.

Verstappen was instructed to let his teammate pass him for more points since there was nothing left for him to struggle for. However, the Dutchman vehemently refused, warning his team never to request him to do something similar again and insisting that they understand his reasons.

Antonio, Sergio Perez’s father, has now joined in the discussion and has claimed that the 25-year-old is becoming aware of the pressure coming from his teammate, who, unlike many before him, is appearing to be a serious challenger.

He said: “Today Max already feels the breath of Checo in his helmet because of what his is demonstrating,” 

“He had never had a similar partner, the others were much inferior. Checo wins the races that Max cannot, the truly difficult ones. I find it incredible that they defend [Perez], that is the greatest satisfaction.”

With victories in Baku, Monaco, and Singapore during his two years with Red Bull, Sergio Perez’s father is highlighting his son’s prowess in taking down some of the most challenging races on the calendar. He has now developed a reputation as something of a street circuit expert.

Verstappen is allegedly upset with Perez’s triumph in Monaco since Perez is suspected of intentionally causing a red flag during qualifying to earn the pole position out of which he later won the race.

However, F1 icon Jacques Villeneuve has warned Antonio Perez to keep out of his son’s conflicts as many drivers are seeking for the second Red Bull seat even though Sergio Perez is under contract with Red Bull until the end of 2024.

Daniel Ricciardo will spend a year with the Red Bull team as he pursues a comeback to the racing scene, and AlphaTauri is constantly giving new drivers from the Red Bull program a chance to shine in the hopes of joining the senior team.