Sainz to settle future during winter break

Carlos Sainz has hinted at plans to confer with Ferrari’s top brass during the off-season about a possible continuation past 2024. Amplifying the intrigue, the seasoned driver’s notable father dropped hints that Audi, which plans to collaborate with Sauber for an F1 debut in 2026, could be eyeing Sainz.

Given his recent achievements, especially overshadowing teammate Charles Leclerc and seizing top spots, including the win in Singapore, it appears an apt moment for the 29-year-old to broach discussions. “If you are in a good moment in your sporting career it is always easier to negotiate,” Sainz shared with the Spanish media at an event in Madrid.

“But I don’t think that the last few races have changed the perspective that Ferrari has of me and that I have of Ferrari,” he continued. “We both know the ability and potential that we have and my intentions in the winter are going to be the same as if I hadn’t won in Singapore.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sainz mentioned his agreement with team principal Frederic Vasseur to defer contract deliberations until the winter. “The future will be decided or I will try to get it decided in the winter,” he stated.

“You already know what my priority is in the short, medium and long term. And I hope we can know it in the winter.”

He further clarified that these dialogues are yet to commence. “We haven’t sat down,” remarked Sainz, “but it’s not a question of me not wanting to renew. It’s just that there is no time within the season.

“We don’t want to be distracted by a contract when we have four months in the winter to sit calmly and talk about it. It’s a question of time.”

Separately, Sainz offered a response to Lewis Hamilton’s ongoing commentary about Max Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominant phase in F1 being detrimental for the sport.

“I don’t understand it,” he expressed. “If you’ve had your turn, I don’t understand that you complain later because it’s someone else’s turn. “If someone like me who hasn’t had it yet says it, maybe they can complain a little,” he added, light-heartedly.