Reports of Hamilton Leaving Mercedes After Testing W15 Simulator Untrue

Toto Wolff, the team’s principal, confirmed that Hamilton had his first experience in the simulator with the W15 on Friday, just 48 hours after he informed Wolff of his decision to join Ferrari for the following year.

Reports suggesting that Lewis Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes was due to dissatisfaction with their F1 2024 car have been debunked.

Crucially, there is no evidence to suggest that Hamilton had reservations about the direction of the upcoming season’s new car. Mercedes is pinning their hopes on the W15 to be a significant improvement over the vehicles from the previous two years, which left Hamilton in a state of frustration, unable to secure a grand prix victory.

One notable change in the W15 is the expected adjustment in the cockpit position, addressing one of Hamilton’s major concerns from the previous year’s car. Furthermore, there is reportedly no aerodynamic continuity between the 2023 and 2024 vehicles, and the gearbox is anticipated to be smaller and lighter.

Importantly, Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari in 2025 was made before his inaugural simulator session, a pivotal milestone in Mercedes’ preparations for the upcoming season.

Toto Wolff emphasized the meticulous approach taken in the car’s development, blending scientific data with the driver’s feedback.

He stated, “The driver gives us guidance of what he feels in the car, and this is being dissected. This is then decided on whether it happens or not.

“We mustn’t underplay nor overplay the input of the driver and the development of a car. In terms of did we miss? No. Everything we are doing, we are doing it with very consciousness and open eyes.”

Hamilton is set to spend one final season with Mercedes, hoping that the W15 will mark a resurgence in his race-winning performance. Afterwards, he will embark on a remarkable journey to Italy in 2025, uniting F1’s most successful driver with its most successful team, Ferrari.