Nikolas Tombazis: Red Bull’s Dominance Temporary as Rivals Close In.

red bull 100th grand prix victory

Red Bull has had a flawless start to the 2023 F1 season, clinching victory in all eight grand prix races, which has left their competitors trailing behind as they march towards another title double.

The likes of motorsports giants, Aston Martin, Mercedes, and Ferrari have unleashed their initial salvoes in the development battle to bridge the gap between them and Red Bull.

In reality, one could be optimistic about the impacts made by the upgrades, nevertheless, they have made only a marginal impact on Red Bull’s unrivalled pace supremacy.

Red Bull’s complete dominance this season, securing victories in every race, has left some fans expressing concerns about the sport becoming monotonous.

With their unwavering success, the need for increased competitiveness and unpredictability arises to reignite excitement among Formula 1 enthusiasts.

However, Nikolas Tombazis, FIA’s single-seater director, confidently asserts that it is only a matter of time before the Formula 1 field converges, eroding Red Bull’s unparalleled dominance.

The FIA implemented new ground effect regulations, a budget cap, and a sliding scale for wind tunnel time to level the playing field, aiming to bring the pack closer together. However, Red Bull has taken an early lead, establishing an untouchable position at the front.

Despite this, Tombazis assures that this dominance is transient. With a highly competitive field behind Red Bull, featuring Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Ferrari engaged in intense battles, Tombazis predicts that Red Bull will inevitably join this thrilling contest, possibly within the upcoming months.

“Putting Red Bull aside, everyone else is close,” he told Corriere della Sera, “and I think it’s only a matter of time before performance convergence is achieved.

“Maybe it will be achieved in the next few months, maybe it will be early next year.”

Tombazis finds confidence in the significant influence that rivals draw from Red Bull’s RB19 design concept for their own cars.

Notably, Mercedes and Ferrari have implemented mid-season modifications, embracing a more Red Bull-inspired approach to their sidepods, yielding positive results, particularly for Mercedes.

With these developments in mind, Tombazis envisions the return of a thrilling 2021-style season, reminiscent of the intense battle between Verstappen and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, where the World Championship fight extended to the very last lap.

In this scenario, Alpine emerged victorious in a race, while Ferrari and McLaren showcased their competitive prowess at various circuits, creating a captivating mix of contenders.

“Almost everyone is going towards the Red Bull technical concept – even Mercedes and Ferrari,” Tombazis continued.

“We hope to see very close World Championships again, maybe like it was in 2021. But we cannot create them artificially.

“We cannot fight against the ability of some to do a better job than others. It must be admitted that there are those who have done better with these rules.”