Montoya Warns of Hamilton – Leclerc Personality Clash at Ferrari

The potential partnership between Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc at Ferrari next year is raising eyebrows, with former F1 star Juan Pablo Montoya warning of potential clashes.

Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes and join Ferrari for the upcoming season came as a shock to many in the F1 world. After signing a two-year extension with Mercedes just last summer, it was widely expected that Hamilton would finish his illustrious career with the team.

However, he chose to activate a break clause in his contract, ending his 12-year association with Mercedes, during which he clinched six of his seven world titles.

This move will see Hamilton teaming up with Leclerc at Ferrari, replacing Carlos Sainz. Leclerc, who will be entering his seventh season with the team in 2025, recently inked a contract extension, setting the stage for an intriguing partnership.

Juan Pablo Montoya, a veteran of seven grand Prix victories in F1, anticipates friction between the two drivers once they become teammates.

“It will be interesting to see how smooth that goes with Charles and Lewis in the cars, to be honest,” Montoya commented. “There’s going to be a personality clash there. It’s going to be fun to watch.”

The dynamics between Hamilton, a seasoned champion with a wealth of experience, and Leclerc, a talented young driver establishing himself in the sport, are sure to create an intriguing spectacle on and off the track.

Regarding Carlos Sainz’s potential team for the upcoming season, Juan Pablo Montoya suggests that Red Bull would be the ideal destination for the Spanish driver, irrespective of Max Verstappen’s decision to stay or depart.

Currently, Sainz is deliberating over a lucrative offer from Audi, who are in search of a teammate for Nico Hulkenberg following their recent signing of the current Haas driver for their entry into F1 in 2026. Hulkenberg is set to integrate himself into the organization next year alongside Stake.

However, Sainz is taking his time to weigh his options. If given the chance, Montoya believes that Sainz would be the most suitable candidate to replace Sergio Perez at Red Bull.

“I think Carlos right now would be the best choice in my opinion [at Red Bull], especially if there’s talk of Max leaving,” remarked Montoya.

“If they’re thinking about Max leaving, they need to have an A-plus driver as a back-up. You can’t have Checo and Max leave because then you have nothing.

“But right now he (Sainz) is doing the job. He’s doing what needs to be done. Could there be better drivers? Probably. But I think in the right situation, Carlos can be really good.”