Martin Brundle: How Mercedes Could Use Russell in Hamilton’s F1 Contract Talks.

Martin Brundle has put forth a thought-provoking notion, suggesting that Mercedes might employ a clever tactic by using George Russell as a negotiating tool in the ongoing discussions surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s future in the sport.

With the highly anticipated Canadian Grand Prix on the horizon, Hamilton, whose current contract is set to expire at the end of this season, disclosed encouraging progress in the negotiations for a contract extension.

This revelation follows his recent discussions with Mercedes’ team principal, Toto Wolff, adding a sense of intrigue to the unfolding saga.

Despite Toto Wolff’s initial suggestion that the resolution of the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton’s future could come prior to the Montreal race weekend, no official announcement has been made as of yet.

Former F1 driver and current pundit Martin Brundle speculate that in the midst of these ongoing negotiations, both Mercedes and Hamilton will possess strategic moves at their disposal. Brundle anticipates that each party will carefully play their cards to navigate this critical phase of discussions.

Covering his media duties for Sky F1, Martin Brundle remarked: “It’ll be the detail, I kind of feels its none of my business his contract in some respects, But of course, we ask the questions.

“Lewis transcends this sport in many ways and I’m sure there will be elements in his contract that reflect that in other things that he does, extracurricular to driving the car as it were.

“Act in haste, repent at leisure. What’s the point? The current contract’s still in play and I’m sure they are just working through the detail.

“Mercedes have some cards to play, one of them will be George Russell. Lewis will have some cards to pay, one of them will be an underperforming car and things he wants to do. I’m sure they are putting in place all sorts of milestones if you like for the future.”

According to an exclusive report by The Daily Mail, it is claimed that Lewis Hamilton has put forward a jaw-dropping demand for a five-year contract valued at a staggering £250 million in order to extend his partnership with Mercedes.

Renowned F1 commentator Martin Brundle anticipates that Hamilton will make a resolute commitment to the sport for the long haul, implying that the seven-time world champion’s intentions are aligned with pursuing a sustained presence in Formula 1.

“I can easily see another two to three years. He’s easily strong enough, fit enough, mentally still fit enough, he’s really got a spring in his step at the moment and enjoying his F1.

“It seems clear to me watching him in the press conferences and around the car.

“The current drivers have been in such good shape for a long time that they don’t tend to get broken legs or bumps on the head these days either thank goodness.”

He added: “It doesn’t really matter with the contract because if your driver says ‘do you know what, I’ve had enough’ nobody will force you to get into the car.

“But I always say you don’t lose the speed, you lose the need and Lewis has not lost the need to be a Formula 1 driver.”