Marko Rebuts Wolff’s ‘Wikipedia’ Comment

Dr Helmut Marko says he’ll begin to consider Toto Wolff a worthy adversary once Mercedes starts becoming a “serious rival” again.

Verstappen’s recent record of ten consecutive race wins was downplayed by Wolff, who said it was a trivial detail that would only find its way into Wikipedia – a site Wolff claims lacks a broad readership.

“Wikipedia is one of the most read mediums – maybe someone can tell Wolff,” Red Bull’s Marko stated to Servus TV. Previously, the octogenarian had noted that Verstappen seemed unusually anxious before the kick-off of the Italian GP.

“This tenth victory in a row means a lot to him,” Marko maintains. “With every record comes even more motivation, and that also makes the team stronger. “So it’s not insignificant. We are happy and we are happy to take these records with us.”

As for Verstappen, he’s cited by Speed Week, saying: “Some fans just don’t like who is currently winning. There is nothing I can do about that.” Marko thinks that Wolff and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes are perhaps just displaying poor sportsmanship.

“That’s the difference between us and them,” stated the Austrian. “We look at our own team to get the best performance.

“We just go about our business without concocting all these kinds of narratives like they do. But we don’t worry about Mercedes as long as they are not a serious rival for us.”

Marko even speculates that Red Bull’s victorious run might extend into 2026 when new rules come into play, along with Red Bull’s own engine project.

“Our most audacious and challenging initiative is establishing our own engine project,” he noted. “We have already made significant progress, and what we gather from insiders is that we are not leading right now, but are in second place.