Lewis Hamilton’s Heart-Stopping Moment on Ice: Rain Turns Monaco Grand Prix into Chaos.

Lewis Hamilton says he was close to having a “big shunt” as it felt as if he was driving on “ice” when the rain came down at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Witnessing a procession-like beginning to the Monte Carlo street race, the atmosphere suddenly erupted into a frenzy when, on the 51st lap, the skies unleashed their watery wrath. What had initially been a gentle sprinkle at a handful of corners rapidly escalated into a torrential downpour, engulfing the circuit?

Caught off guard, the drivers found themselves navigating the treacherous track on slick tires, utterly uncertain of the precipitation’s intensity and duration. They were left with the daunting task of simply holding on to their vehicles amidst the chaos—a far more challenging feat than words alone can convey.

Even after making a pit stop to switch to intermediate tires, numerous drivers encountered a precarious situation as they skidded and veered into the barriers. Amidst the chaos, Hamilton urgently relayed the message to Mercedes via the radio. “It’s getting to a point where it’s pretty dangerous out here.”

Hamilton attributes this sensation to the fact that he experienced a profound sense of being in complete control while maneuvering the vehicle“on ice” beset by concerns of an imminent collision, he grappled with mounting apprehension about the possibility of a crash. 

“It felt very twitchy and the tyres weren’t working so it was like I was on ice,” said the Briton.

“After some time, the tyres started to work and it was absolutely fine. But I was so close to going off and crashing, having a big shunt.

“It was very, very bad. There’s really no word to describe how difficult it was, he added.

“I think that from my side, I couldn’t get the temperature into the intermediate tyres, so I was just tiptoeing.

“I think our crossover was good, it’s just that I lost ground to everyone when I had to stop, so we were at a bit of a disadvantage there and it just made it a little bit trickier, but no mistakes kept it on track.

Marking Mercedes’ inaugural appearance with their upgraded W14 during the Monaco weekend, Hamilton secured a commendable fourth-place finish, closely followed by Russell in fifth position.

Amidst intense speculation and deliberation, Mercedes ultimately reached a pivotal decision to bid farewell to their distinctive zero-pods, embracing a more conventional design for their latest creation, the W14. This remarkable vehicle boasted not only a fresh front suspension but also a revamped floor, hinting at the team’s relentless pursuit of perfection.

Hamilton, ever the astute observer, expressed his belief that this significant development represents a crucial stride forward. Nonetheless, he acknowledged that it is the forthcoming race in Barcelona that will truly unveil the extent of this stride, providing the team with a clearer understanding of its magnitude.

“It feels like the car has progressed — it has moved forwards,” he said.

“I think next week we’ll get a much better view, in a place where we can really push, with medium- and high-speed corners, but I think that, overall, it has been a really positive weekend for us.”

Hamilton’s exceptional performance has propelled him to a commendable tally of 69 points in the highly contested Drivers’ Championship, securing a respectable fifth position on the leaderboard.

Meanwhile, Mercedes, currently holding their ground in the third spot, managed to narrow the gap to Aston Martin to a mere one point, showcasing their unwavering determination.