Leo Turrini: Verstappen Possessed ‘Talent’ but Displayed ‘Bully’ Traits.

Italian journalist Leo Turrini contends that Max Verstappen possessed remarkable talent upon his F1 grid debut and displayed elements of a “bully.”

Nevertheless, Verstappen has since outgrown this aspect. His F1 journey began in 2015 when he made a significant leap from Formula 3 to Formula 1.

Red Bull’s risk bore fruit when they promoted him to their senior team after just over a year in Formula 1. This decision proved wise, as he triumphed in his maiden race for Red Bull Racing at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

Subsequently, Verstappen’s performance and results have consistently surged, setting him on course for a third successive Drivers’ title.

His journey, however, was marked by valuable lessons. Criticized for his braking manoeuvres, he contributed to a regulation change limiting such actions.

Furthermore, the two-time world champion has had clashes with rival drivers, notably a clash with Esteban Ocon led to an FIA-mandated two-day public service.

The Dutchman is poised to secure his third championship, along with aiming for the record of the highest number of wins in a single season, consecutive victories, and the earliest date for clinching a title.

According to Italian journalist Turrini, these accomplishments illuminate the remarkable journey the Dutchman has undertaken.

Leo Turrini in his log wrote: “Verstappen has matured over the years. He’s always had incredible talent, but he was a bully to begin with. Now, he’s almost perfect.”

“Verstappen is an absolute phenomenon. To deny it is foolish. Everyone can have the ideas he wants about the character, but if one argues Max as a driver, well, he’s an expert.

“Verstappen is definitely stronger than Perez – as well as almost all of his competitors in the present.”

Turrini, comparing the Red Bull drivers, extended the analogy by comparing them to Argentina superstars Lionel Messi and Leandro Paredes.

He stated: “Verstappen is to Perez what Messi is to the former Juventus player Paredes.”