Le Mans Champion Slams George Russell: Calls Recent Actions ‘Unforgivable’.

Renowned British racing driver, Richard Bradley, has openly opined suggesting that Mercedes missed an opportunity to take decisive action by not terminating George Russell’s contract in the aftermath of his collision with Lewis Hamilton during the qualifying session of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Labelling George Russell’s actions as “unforgivable,” Richard Bradley raised concerns about the lack of stronger action from Mercedes in response to the unnecessary and careless on-track behaviour.

Despite the controversy, Mercedes ultimately celebrated a remarkable double podium finish at the Barcelona race, showcasing their best performance of the season. However, the outcome hung precariously in the balance just 24 hours before the race, with the potential for a completely different trajectory.

In the crucial closing moments of Q2, George Russell exerted maximum effort to avoid elimination and secure a coveted spot in Q3. With the start line beckoning for his flying lap, his teammate Lewis Hamilton swiftly closed the gap, capitalizing on the advantageous slipstream effect.

A lack of awareness on George Russell’s part resulted in an unexpected collision with his teammate Lewis Hamilton, seemingly oblivious to the proximity between their cars. The potential consequences for the team were narrowly averted, preventing a significant setback.

Following the incident, Russell promptly extended his apologies to Hamilton, allowing the duo to put the mishap behind them and focus on achieving an outstanding result, marking the Mercedes team’s best performance of the season.

Nevertheless, Richard Bradley, a former victor in the LMP2 class at the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2015, holds a strong viewpoint. He contends that Mercedes should have taken more decisive action by terminating Russell’s contract in light of the incident.

During a candid interview with the popular On Track GP podcast, Bradley expressed his views on the matter, stating: “One of the reasons I wouldn’t pick George [for Driver of the Day], what happened in qualifying with Lewis was just unforgivable, unforgivable.

“There is absolutely no way that he wouldn’t have checked his mirrors before he started that lap. You always, always have a check before starting your push lap. He knew exactly where Lewis was.

“Everything he says is complete rubbish; he knew exactly what he was doing. I’m amazed he wasn’t handed his P45 on the spot for that; that could have been like an aircraft crash.”