Lando Norris Gets Father’s Backing to ‘Beat’ Max Verstappen.

Adam Norris, father to Lando Norris firmly believes that the McLaren driver is the one who can truly challenge Max Verstappen, the current runaway leader of the F1 championship.

During the British Grand Prix, Norris took full advantage of McLaren’s significant upgrade package, showcasing his exceptional talent and firmly establishing himself as a top contender among the rest of the drivers.

Norris has long been regarded as a potential World Champion. However, McLaren’s inability to provide the talented driver with a race-winning car has always been his limitation.

Despite this setback, The young Brit managed to secure his first pole position at the Russian Grand Prix and narrowly missed out on claiming his maiden victory.

Verstappen has been nothing short of untouchable this season, with only his Red Bull teammate Sergio Perez managing to interrupt his winning streak.

Currently, the Dutchman has surged ahead with an impressive lead solidifying his dominance at the top of the championship standings.

In a recent interview on the F1 Nation podcast, Adam Norris expressed his thoughts on the earlier stages of Lando Norris’ career.

“I was 50-50 on whether he [Lando] would ever get into F1 on the day he signed his contract.

“It is that difficult to get in and for things to go the wrong way, so I didn’t know.

In addition, Adam Norris boldly suggested his son is the one to beat Max Verstappen as he commended the pace of the McLaren driver.

“He showed signs of promise when he was really young. He was always fast, ridiculously fast, so he will be able to take it to Max.

“I think he is the one to beat Max.”

Two-time world champion, Max Verstappen made an interesting observation regarding Norris’ approach during the race at Silverstone.

According to Verstappen, Norris displayed an unexpected act of sportsmanship by not defending his position into Brooklands on lap five, even though he had taken the lead at the first corner.

Adam Norris further explained his son’s decision: “Lando knew he wasn’t going to keep first so he wanted to make sure he would finish the race properly, rather than wasting time and destroying his tyres.

“Getting second is great, later in the year we will go for first and there will be a right time and right place to go it.”

In the ever-changing world of motorsport, Lando Norris finds himself in an intriguing position.

Recent reports suggest that he could potentially become teammates with Max Verstappen, as confirmed by Helmut Marko, who approached Norris’ manager.

Furthermore, with the uncertainty surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s contract, Norris could also find himself in a Mercedes seat if circumstances align favourably. The possibility of such a prestigious opportunity is certainly within reach for the talented young Brit.