James Allison shuts down critics and defends team’s lack of pace in the face of adversity.

James Allison has spoken out in support of Mercedes amidst criticisms of their slower pace compared to Red Bull’s RB19, designed by Adrian Newey. In 2023, Allison returned to the team in a designer role, as the Silver Arrows found themselves trailing behind their competitors.

To address their performance issues, the team has planned various modifications for their W14 in the upcoming races. Despite facing inquiries from the media, Allison has stood by his team and defended their efforts.

“I think that sort of question is often asked in one form or another, and it betrays – forgive me – it betrays a certain lack of understanding of how our factories actually work,” Allison told the media in Azerbaijan.

“I mean, our factories, the grid’s factories. It’s many hundreds of people, a thousand-plus people in some cases.

“You don’t have one person’s hand on a car, it’s just not how it works at all. Each person puts their shoulder to the wheel, and if the whole place is well set up and well organised, that wheel turns more and more effectively.

“Even the great Adrian Newey would probably tell you that if you pinned him down hard enough. It is a very big team effort.”