Is Flexible-Wing Rule Hurting Aston Martin? – Study

Fernando Alonso is set on pushing Aston Martin ahead of Ferrari in the world constructors’ championship.

The team headquartered in Silverstone didn’t perform well at Monza, fueling new gossip that the issue might be linked to the FIA’s recent restrictions on flexible wings.

“It’s not something that affects us,” said Red Bull’s Christian Horner when questioned about the clampdown, which becomes fully active at the subsequent Singapore Grand Prix. “We’ve seen a few rubbery nose boxes, shall we say,” he added.

Nonetheless, Aston Martin foresees better pace in the streets of Singapore, with Alonso contending that the Monza circuit simply wasn’t a good match for their 2023 vehicle. “Singapore will be better than Monza, that’s for sure,” he told Mundo Deportivo. “But we already know how hard it is to win a race.”

“We will see if we are one of the candidates in Singapore,” the Spaniard added. “Ferrari has passed us in the constructors’ championship but we’ll return in Singapore.”

Alonso believes Ferrari’s sudden improvement in performance at their home race in Monza might be attributed to specific preparations.

“It is the Ferrari circuit,” he said. “For years they have put in a new engine or done special things like that for that race, but the world championship is 22 races.”

In contrast, Singapore represents a unique track, causing Dr. Helmut Marko to mention that an eleventh continuous victory for Max Verstappen the following weekend would indicate that a total sweep might actually be achievable in 2023.

“Something has gone wrong with the new rules,” Alonso told Cadena Ser. “Red Bull winning the last 24, 25 races was not in any of the plans.

They are simply better at everything, with no weak points.” “All the teams are working hard to find them but Verstappen is doing a better job and you just have to accept it.”