Helmut Marko Urges Verstappen to Show Respect After Chaotic Podium Incident

Red Bull’s chief, Helmut Marko, has called upon Max Verstappen to demonstrate greater respect in future incidents, following the recent chaotic podium situation that resulted in the destruction of his winner’s trophy.

The primary instigator of this mishap was none other than Lando Norris, who, in an exuberant moment, uncorked his champagne bottle with such force that it collided with the trophy, causing it to shatter into multiple pieces mere seconds later.

Despite the unforeseen outcome, both Verstappen and Norris, the second-place finisher, shared a lighthearted response to the situation.

However, there were dissenting voices amidst the incident, notably Hungarian F1 journalist Sandor Meszaros, who shed light on the exquisite craftsmanship behind the trophies awarded at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He revealed that each trophy is meticulously handcrafted by the renowned Herend Porcelain Manufactory, requiring a laborious six-month process to complete.

Marko’s strong desire to uphold the country’s revered traditions was evident in his efforts to respect and honour these exceptional works of art.

“The Hungarians are famous for their love for valuable porcelain. Even in my day, there were beautiful bowls and vases,” he said in an interview with Austrian outlet OE24.

“The copy of the trophy is coming to us at the factory, and I’ll teach Max to appreciate the original that he’s getting replaced. That’s Hungarian tradition, young people have to understand that.”

However, in a lighthearted response to the incident, Norris playfully teased that the blame fell squarely on Verstappen’s shoulders: “Max just placed it too close to the edge. It fell over, I guess. Not my problem, it’s his. That’s Max’s trophy. Mine is in perfect shape. I happily broke it! I was annoyed I was P2.”

Despite the unexpected turn of events on the podium, it is worth noting that Herend, a reputable company with a rich history dating back to 1826, had foreseen the possibility of such mishaps.

Shedding light on this matter, Herend’s CEO, Attila Simon, explained his firm will replace the trophy.