Helmut Marko Opens Up About Red Bull’s Power Struggle

Speculations about a purported power struggle within Red Bull, which have now been validated, have been circulating since the passing of Red Bull’s Co-Founder Dietrich Mateschitz in 2022. However, is it possible that their troubles are on the verge of being resolved?

Red Bull Advisor Helmut Marko asserts that “everything is fine” for the Thai shareholders, but he remains uncertain whether the power struggle has reached its conclusion.

Despite rumors persisting about an ongoing internal power struggle at Red Bull, the team’s problems reached a climax during an internal investigation led by Christian Horner. Although the team’s principal, Horner, was absolved of any misconduct, the investigation sent shockwaves throughout the organization.

Jos Verstappen, father of the reigning world champion, engaged in a heated argument with Horner during this period. Additionally, Helmut Marko, a longstanding member of the team who enjoys the support of Max Verstappen, went so far as to threaten resignation from the team.

However, he ultimately decided to stay after discussions with Red Bull’s Managing Director, Oliver Mintzlaff.

Although Verstappen experienced reliability issues, leading to a subdued weekend in Australia, the team is aiming for a comeback in Japan as Formula One returns to Suzuka. Marko has provided an update on Red Bull’s internal struggles as the anticipation builds up.

In an interview with Laola1, Marko confirmed his attendance at the Japanese Grand Prix. When asked about the Horner investigation and potential internal power struggles, Marko stated, “For the Thai shareholders, everything is clear.

“Everything is fine for them. Whether anything else will come or not, no idea. It is a very complex matter that is difficult to understand.”

Regarding his role within the team and any future adjustments, Marko remarked, “I would say there are always conversations and discussions. My direct supervisor is Red Bull CEO Oliver Mintzlaff… Right now, we have other concerns than what I’m doing.”

Marko’s existing contract with Red Bull extends until the end of the 2026 season, leaving questions about his renewal with the team when the time comes.

Carlos Sainz has become the focal point of discussions in the Formula One paddock following his impressive performance in Melbourne. The Ferrari driver, whose contract expires next season, staged a remarkable comeback after appendix surgery to secure victory in the Australian Grand Prix.

Recently, Horner has not ruled out the possibility of bringing Sainz to Red Bull, depending on Sergio Perez’s performance this season.

Marko has also weighed in on the potential of Sainz partnering with Verstappen in 2025, stating, “Of course, his [Sainz’s] form is fascinating. But it should be noted that Checo [Perez] delivered three good races this year.

“The reason why he fell behind in Melbourne was due to the damaged underbody and tyre degradation.”

He further added, “His only weakness is in qualifying. If he can improve there, there is no need to think. The atmosphere in the team is very good, also as far as he is concerned.”

The question remains whether Red Bull will choose to retain the 34-year-old Perez if he maintains his performance throughout the season.