Hamilton’s Response to Abu Dhabi GP Controversy Earns Praise from Former F1 Champion.

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Amidst the aftermath of the high-stakes drama that unfolded at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, racing legend Damon Hill stands in awe of Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable resilience. With heartfelt admiration, Hill praises Hamilton for his unwavering spirit and the dignified manner in which he held his head high in the face of a controversial defeat.

In a heart-stopping finale that left fans breathless, the seven-time world champion Hamilton was beaten on the ultimate lap by the relentless Max Verstappen of Red Bull. With a stroke of brilliance, Verstappen not only seized the checkered flag but also clinched his inaugural championship thrillingly and controversially.

Since that fateful day, the illustrious seven-time world champion has encountered a challenging drought, unable to taste victory or contend for the coveted crown over the past 18 months. Meanwhile, Verstappen, fueled by determination, is on an unstoppable trajectory towards an unprecedented third consecutive drivers’ title.

Amidst this intense battle, the revered 1996 world champion, Damon Hill, showers praise upon Hamilton for his unwavering composure during these trying times.

Hill stands firmly in his conviction, backing the indomitable Briton to triumphantly claim an eighth championship before bidding farewell to the world of Formula 1. The stage is set for an epic comeback as Hamilton prepares to unleash his relentless spirit once more.

“It is admirable the way Lewis kept his chin up after what happened in Abu Dhabi,” Hill told the PA news agency.

“He got back on with the task in hand and he is driving better again this year than he has done before. He is starting to gel with that car now and he has solved some of the problems he faced.

“So I would be amazed if he doesn’t want to go out on a high by winning that eighth title, and he is absolutely motivated by that. He has got that longevity and he looks after himself.

“He needs a competitive car, half-a-chance, and someone like Lewis will rise up to that challenge and find more in himself. At the moment we are seeing a happier Hamilton, and a happy Hamilton is a fast Hamilton.”

Experience meets ambition as 38-year-old Hamilton’s contract nears expiration, but the racing maestro is poised to extend his dominance well into his early 40s. Anticipation fills the air as talks between Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff took place last month, igniting rumours of an imminent agreement ahead of the highly anticipated British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Alongside a new racing contract, whispers suggest that Hamilton’s negotiations may also encompass a prestigious ambassadorial role within the Mercedes family, solidifying his place as a true icon of the sport. The stage is set for an exciting chapter in Hamilton’s illustrious career.

“The talk is that Lewis is finalising a much longer-term deal that goes beyond his racing career,” Hill added.

“The car company itself is involved, so there is a bit more bureaucracy in this deal.”